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Marble Floor Restoration Savannah

Marble Restoration in Savannah : Because Chips and Damaged Stone Happen

Marble, granite, terrazzo, travertine, quartz, and quartzite owners need stone restoration, polish, or repair at sometime during the lifetime of that stone being in their home. Accidents happen and marble, granite, and other natural stones are often more porous than owners expect. Dragging heavy items can cause deep scratches, or items get dropped and damage occurs. There are even times when a poor installation can cause cracks, loose, or hollow tiles and missing grout. Our friends at Eckards Flooring in Savannah remind us that properly installed new natural stone floors (with the exception of quartz) need a quality sealant that protects them from natural stains.

Restoration Company

When marble floors are properly installed and maintained, they look timeless and beautiful. Marble, and other natural stone flooring is built to last, but it’s not indestructible. Without proper maintenance floors start to lose their sheen and begin to absorb stains. Properly installed natural stone floors should have a sealant that protects them from most stains but the petroleum sealant should be reapplied once a year. (Quartz should never be protected!). Using improper cleaning solutions can cause damage to the stones. Most marble and natural stone damage happens because the sealant hasn’t been applied on a yearly basis or it hasn’t received regular polishing through the years to keep the stone from losing its sheen. The faster you call in a restoration company the better.

Here are some of the services you can expect from Miracle Stone Restoration:

  • Removal of most stains.
  • Remove scratches and etches in marble, granite, terrazzo, travertine, quartz, and quartzite.
  • Polish all the stones above with a stone conditioner to bring out the stones deep luster.
  • Apply high-quality protective sealants to protect your floors better. (A sealant should never be put on quartz.)
  • Recommend pH-neutral cleaning agents that can keep your restored floors gleaming.

Hone and Polish

Freshly honed and polished stone has a way of making a place feel new and welcoming again. The Marble Institute of America writes a polished finish has a glossy surface. It reflects light and emphasizes the natural color and veins of the stone. A high polish finish brings the stone’s natural color to its fullest. It reflects light better and makes color appear more saturated. A honed finish is a satin, smooth surface with relatively little reflection of light. A honed finish is more flat and will almost always appear lighter in color. When your marble or other natural stone is freshly polished or honed it will show more beautifully.

Marble Floors

Natural stones are all porous. They may look “solid as a rock”, but these rocks actually have tiny holes that easily absorb dirt and food. Marble is a comparably softer stone. That means that high heel shoes and dog claws can have a lasting undesirable impact. Marble flooring should be refinished every 12 months with a high quality marble sealant and a conditioning finish.

Stains on Marble Countertops and Floors

Marble has a well-deserved reputation for staining. Any acidic substance can cause a discoloration (e.g. orange juice, wine, oil, and harsh cleaners). Some homeowners report that even water causes staining, but it’s not the water, it’s a stain that is called in the industry “etching”. To make sure you maintain your stone floor or countertop, you should contact Miracle Stone Restoration, especially if the stone has stains or any kind of damage (

Miracle Stone Restoration Has the Experience and Dedication Your Stone Deserves

Specially trained technicians at Miracle Stone Restoration in Savannah are experts in the art of cleaning, polishing, restoring, and maintaining marble, travertine, limestone, granite, terrazzo, slate, tile and grout.

  • Marble Cleaning, Repair, Restoration, and Maintenance
  • Travertine Cleaning, Repair, Restoration, and Maintenance
  • Limestone Cleaning, Repair, Restoration, and Maintenance
  • Granite Cleaning, Repair, Restoration, and Maintenance
  • Terrazzo Cleaning, Repair Restoration, and Maintenance
  • Holes, Crack, and Chip Repair
  • Slate Cleaning and Sealing
  • Removing old damaged and stained grout or caulking
  • Applying new and fresh grout or caulking

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